Tag Rugby Christmas Gift Guide

Here’s a selection of gifts which are best suited to the Tag Rugby person in your life. What do you get the player who’s just starting out? The experienced player? Or the player who has everything? And not forgetting the referee in your life.

The newbie

Most players when they start Tag Rugby take up the option of our black shorts or tights so this is a good option if a friend hasn’t yet taken part in a league, alternatively how about a set of practice tags?

The experienced player

Always tricky to know what to buy! How about our new range of compression wear from OES? In development for over two years, this is designed especially for Tag Rugby! Available in as a unisex top, and men’s and women’s tights.

The person who has everything

For the player who has everything what do you get? Best to look at the more obscure items in our store. We’ve got a couple of pairs of Yorkshire Championships shorts, or how about a match ball (available in pink or yellow).

The referee in your life

We can’t forget the referees, and if the referee in your life doesn’t have an Acme Thunderer 58.5, they’re missing out! It’s Try Tag Rugby’s whistle of choice and used the world over. If you need help on achieving that perfect whistle sound, watch this.

Visit the shop at www.trytagrugbyshop.com.

Steve Devonshire